Governor Matt Bevin, the governor of Kentucky, completely nailed why more gun laws won’t stop horrible things like Las Vegas from happening; it’s not like a gunman bent on killing hundreds of people won’t somehow find a way to get a gun.

You can’t regulate evil.

Evil men will do evil. What’s smarter is making sure innocent, law-abiding Americans have access to firearms to protect themselves from evil men. Of course Democrats in their infinite wisdom think we just need to make murder more illegal or something.

Senator Chris Murphy seems to think they’re powerful enough to control evil people. And sorry but where is it written in the Constitution that one of government’s functions is to regulate evil?

They better outlaw abortion pretty damn quickly then.

It’s always the weapon with these folks, not the person.

Fair point.

Well, if Democrats can charge you a fee or tax on that license to practice evil, pretty sure they’d find a way to make that happen.

Regulating evil, b*tch please.


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