Seems the blood-sucking unions are starting to feel the heat from the reality  that workers shouldn’t be forced into a union and therefore lining said union’s pockets with dues. SCOTUS will hear Janus, which is a rather important case that would make the whole US public sector ‘right-to-work’.

From Bloomberg:

Once largely confined to the conservative South, right-to-work is encroaching on unions’ longtime strongholds in the North and Midwest and, pending a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, could soon cover a majority of the unionized workforce in the U.S. Following a 47-year lull, six states in five years have passed right-to-work laws.

Conservative South … PLEASE.

Oh, and cue the Leftist media:

Yup, we do.

Gosh, Chris sure seems worried about a SCOTUS judge adhering to the LAW.



Except we know THEY won’t vote based on the law, they’ll vote on feelings and the Leftist narrative.

That actually may be in the unions’ charters and by-laws.

What did Obama say?

Oh yeah, elections have consequences.

Suck it up, Lefties.


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