Representative Steve Scalise has spent 106 days recovering since he was shot during a baseball practice in June. He returned to Capitol Hill today and shared this photo and a very basic, simple tweet …


And of course the Left was RIGHT THERE to swarm and attack Scalise over healthcare reform and guns, among other things:


It does prove however that Democrats have been successful in terrifying their base into thinking Republicans are going to take their healthcare away. Anyone with half a brain in their heads understands that’s not the case BUT this is the Left … so never mind.

Not at the expense of other Americans, no.

Ugh, these people.

And just look at this stupid:

The EVIL NRA – mwahahahahahaha!

*eye roll*

When Reagan was shot he made a joke in the emergency room that he hoped the surgeon who would work on him wasn’t a Democrat, and even though he almost died he didn’t infringe on the Second Amendment.

Guessing Scalise is of the same mind.


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