Seems Lebron doesn’t think much of some of his fans.

‘I don’t think a lot of people was educated’ … nice.

But OTHER people are uneducated.


He must have learned how to talk about people he disagrees with politically from Hillary Clinton; shocked he didn’t go so far as to call Trump supporters a bunch of deplorables.

When will athletes, actors and comedians figure out that being political hurts at least half of their fan base, if not more?

Nothing unites Americans more than some egocentric, uber-wealthy basketball player insulting their intelligence.

Helpful hint, Lebron: If you’re going to imply a large group of people are uneducated MAYBE don’t sound so uneducated yourself?

Normally we wouldn’t make fun of someone for only having a high school diploma, but considering Lebron was trying to call Trump voters, ‘uneducated’?

Laugh it up.