We can’t think of a better place for Linda Sarsour to be than kneeling in the dirt.

Seems James Woods feels the same:

Can’t think of a more appropriate place for these brats to hang out.

Sorry if that sounds harsh, but we are SO SICK of the constant bellyaching and complaining from people who have it 10x better in America than the richest of poor countries and yet find something to bitch about.

Move on. Or stay down in the dirt.

Either way.

The stupid is thick with this group.

We’re all full up on ‘fundamental transformers’ folks, but thanks for kneeling by.

Their whole movement has lost its way and at this point they’re not really all that sure what they’re protesting. Some of them think they’re protesting police brutality, others think it’s white supremacy and still others think it’s just about hating Trump.


Please don’t give them any ideas.


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