This Planned Parenthood ‘customer’ took a knee to fight white supremacy. Oh the irony.

Wanna know who this doc is? From Breitbart News:

As reported in Live Science, Duke University medical student Eugene Gu co-authored a study released in January in which he said, “Our long-term goal is to grow human organs in animals, to end the human donor shortage.” According to the report, Gu is also founder and CEO of Redwood, California biotech company Ganogen, Inc.

 “In the new study, Gu and his colleagues obtained human fetal kidneys from StemExpress, a Placerville, California-based company that supplies researchers with tissue from deceased adults and fetuses,” reported Live Science in January. Gu contends that the mothers consented to donation, and scientists were separated from the “donation process.”

StemExpress is a primary buyer of baby parts from Planned Parenthood as noted in a Breitbart News article on the details of a fifth CMP video that was released Tuesday.


Wonder if he helped that one nasty old lady buy her Lamborghini?

But hey, at least he’s standing, or kneeling, against white supremacy.

Name another country where Dr. Gu could buy so many dead baby parts for his experiments.


Almost as oppressed as those poor football players.

Because his narrative needs him to take on a second label (and a third) to prove racism or something.

They have no idea what they’re protesting, they just know Trump didn’t want them to do it, so like the spoiled children they are they threw temper tantrums … on their knees.

How very toddler-esque of them.


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