We can’t help but wonder if Jamie’s original tweet was inspired by Tim Tebow, a well-known and outspoken pro-life activist, kneeling to pray when he was a Denver Bronco.

Perhaps Jamie missed it, or he doesn’t remember OR he’s being facetious, but the Left lost their damn minds when Tebow dared to pray on the field during a game.

Notice how enraged Brian Stelter is just from reading a tweet about it.

He seems cranky.

Man, Trump knows how to get under these people’s skin.

Of course it’s not the way to go about protesting, and if you look at the remarks of many of the football players discussing why they knelt, it’s all over the board. Some felt they knelt because of police brutality, others thought it was about stopping white supremacy and still OTHERS did it because Trump said not to.

Not the most organized or meaningful protest, eh Brian?


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