After spending several years now on Twitter, the editor of this piece is convinced that 95% of the Left’s outrage is based on the fact that they can’t read or that their reading comprehension level is that of a first grader.

For example, they took this basic tweet from Chad Felix Greene, an outspoken gay, Conservative advocate for free speech …

And turned it into this nonsense … from a supposed teacher:

And this nonsense led to Chad being bullied and targeted by hundreds of SJWs who didn’t bother to read the real tweet, and instead took out their aggression after reading Clint’s tweet.

Which has nothing to do with what Chad said.

See, reading comprehension fail.

And in America, any moron who wants to wear a Swastika is still allowed to show the world he’s a moron.

Notice again, NOT WHAT CHAD SAID.

This guy is reacting to the one guy’s misinterpretation of the OTHER guy’s misinterpretation.

It only got worse.

Never once did he say that.

The stupid burns.


And on … and on … and on.

Allow us to explain what Chad was saying – he wants to live in a world where people who may absolutely despise one another can live together without having to silence or harm one another.

That’s it.

He didn’t advocate for Nazis, or shill for Swastikas … or compare minorities or LGBTQ to anything.

After nearly two days of abuse from the Left, Chad summed them up perfectly.

And this is why they keep losing elections. Nobody tell them.


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