Brian Stelter was clearly trying to make some sort of powerful statement with this tweet …

And yeah, that didn’t work out so well for him.

Honestly, watching a progressive talk about the Constitution is sorta like seeing a dog dressed up in human clothes – it’s wrong, it bothers you and makes you wonder if it’s ok to day drink.

Hale Razor was good enough to point out what else isn’t in the Constitution:

BUT here we are.


DON’T give Brian any ideas.

What, did he just figure out what the First Amendment actually says? Figures.


In a time when far too many are looking for ways to exempt certain words and certain groups of people from First Amendment protections, it’s more important than EVER to remind people why we have the amendment in the first place. Popular speech doesn’t need protecting.

And please only use quills and wear a powdered wig.

Most of them would go out of business …

So edgy.

Ugh, don’t ask.

Wait wait wait, pretty sure ‘Kenneth’ is in Article 3 of the 26th Amendment.