You know you live in Crazyville if you’re angrier at a parody account for mocking the mayor of London than you are the garbage filth that actually commits terror attacks. And of course no one is better at bringing out the really and truly batsh*t than your friendly neighborhood Sean Spicer parody account, @sean_spicier.

Just get used to it he said …

So sad. Unbelievably sad.

And hilarious.

These people still think this is the real Sean Spicer.


We’re not sure which is sadder here, the fact that this person couldn’t tell this account isn’t really Sean Spicer or the blatant typo.



Such a happy little flower saying such an ugly thing.


And speaking of hilarious, here are a few bonus tweets from the parody:

Try reading it backwards.

President of Spicier’s fan club, clearly.

Math has never been their strong point.


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