Wait, you mean the media isn’t exactly straightforward with how they conduct and report on polls?

Get outta here.

From Sharyl Attkisson via The Hill:

There are two things we could do to provide more meaningful reporting. First, when addressing polls on political topics, we should disclose the breakdown of Democrats and Republicans upfront. To state the obvious: findings from a sample that’s made up of 98 percent Republicans will be entirely different than findings from a sample of 98 percent Democrats. How can meaning be put behind results on any political topic without the partisan makeup of the sample being considered?

Second, our reporting could include opposing findings and trends, if they exist. For example, in the most recent Pew poll, “three-quarters (74 percent) of Republicans and Republican-leaners supported a border wall” and that support had grown substantially in recent months. Conservative Republican support for a wall was up nine points since Trump was elected President (from 71 percent to 80 percent).

So all the media needs to do is be honest about the sample and report on opposing trends.

Gosh, that sounds like common sense to us if you’re a reporter trying to inform people; of course if you’re trying to sway or push a narrative that’s entirely different.

Huh, the editor of this piece is a 44-year-old Conservative woman who has NEVER been polled.

Who’da thunk?


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