As Twitchy readers know, Jemele Hill made some ugly, disparaging comments about the president and Kid Rock being white supremacists on Twitter. And even with much public outrage, ESPN only went so far as to apologize for her comments and claim they had spoken with the anchor.

Somehow that was supposed to prove they gave a damn about dealing with her repugnant behavior.

To add to the ridiculousness, Colin Kaepernick sent his support to Jemele on Twitter:

Seems Colin does have a LOT of free time these days.


Colin and the voices in his head maybe?

Oh yeah, that’s it.

Sounds like a failed comedy on Fox.

Snowflakes, SJWs … wait, same difference.

We KNEW it.

And that’s the really embarrassing thing here, even people who dislike Trump are sick and tired of the constant unproven accusations, especially from a sports anchor.

Maybe just stick to sports, ESPN?


DELETE your account: ESPN anchor gets STOMPED for calling Kid Rock and Trump white supremacists