Oh look, Piers Morgan is getting embarrassed by Americans over guns and gun control, again. You’d think by now the Brit-twit would have figured out there’s a REASON America revolted but nope …

Surely Piers isn’t so insecure as to respond to someone talking trash about him on Twitter.

Oh wait.

Over two times as many Americans are beaten to death every year, Piers. Should we only allow people in authority to use their fists?

Piers even got the attention of Navy Seal, Robert J. O’Neill:

Robert shouldn’t feel too badly, we don’t know that anyone can actually have a discussion about gun control with Piers Morgan.

What the Hell is a high powered gun? Is that like a low powered gun with attitude? Does that mean high powered guns have privilege?

Dumbest. Argument. Ever.

Wonder if Piers realizes THIS is one of the reasons why they lost that teensy war a couple hundred years ago? Thinking Brits may still be fussy that we beat them SO BADLY.

And yet he keeps on sharing.

It’s only those mean looking ones that go pew pew pew.

Piers, never bring a knife to a gunfight.


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