We’re pretty sure Steve Marmel MEANT well with his idea to amplify women on Twitter …

But then it went downhill PRETTY quickly.

Oh, this is a Hillary Clinton thing.


Does Marmel REALLY think we haven’t heard enough from Hillary and Leftist women?

We ‘hear’ plenty of female voices on Twitter; wondering if he will be retweeting Conservative female voices as well.


Again, not a horrible idea conceptually BUT then a ‘women’s advocate’ had to segregate broads into various labels which is of course what the Left likes to do …

Notice, no mention of pro-life or Conservative women.

Not that Conservative women were overly impressed with this idea anyway:


Again, we get what Marmel was trying to do and though misguided it seems his intention wasn’t hurtful.

That being said, even a few Liberal women were pissy with him about this hashtag.

Tough crowd.