This could be one of the most creatively obscene headlines we’ve seen maybe EVER about Ted Cruz.

In case you live under a rock, news broke out via social media this morning that Ted Cruz’s Twitter account ‘liked’ a tweet from a pornographic account. Whether it was an intern who forgot which account he or she was on, or a fluke (or what have you), the reactions have been popcorn-worthy. Cruz himself made light of the incident, even joking about it, while Alan Grayson made a disgusting dig at the senator.

This headline though … wowza.

Or do you? Hrm.


Made you look twice, didn’t it?

Shame shame shame … or is it hilarious?

We can’t actually decide.

Perhaps it’s because we’re no better than immature high school kids hearing a dirty joke for the first time.

Either way, EL OH EL.


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