Things you never trust:

Gas station sushi.
Vans offering free candy.
Dating advice from Lauren Duca.

Don’t date anyone who doesn’t identify as a feminist.


Pretty sure people should do the OPPOSITE of this, just sayin’.

Especially if Peter Daou retweeted it.

Oh 2017, you HAD to give 2016 a run for its money, didn’t you.

Matt Walsh agrees with us:

And seriously, what’s a ‘ProTip’? Is she a pro dater? Does one go to college to get a degree in dating?

Seems she didn’t like Matt’s advice.

Posting songs? Such a chick thing to do.

Or better yet …

Right, cut her some slack.



DAAAMN! David Frum gets his ass HANDED to him for comparing ‘spirit of 9/11’ to Charlottesville