What’s that saying? Don’t count your pantsuits before they’re in the closet? No wait, it was that egg thing; don’t count your eggs until they hatch.

Hillary must have missed that.

Made us laugh.

From The Daily Wire:

Interviewed by Jane Pauley for CBS’ Sunday Morning, Hillary Clinton admitted that she was so confident of victory in the 2016 election that she bought a second home next door to her estate in Chappaqua, New York to accommodate White House staff during her expected presidential retreats.

According to the New York Post, the Clintons paid $1.16 million for the three-bedroom, ranch-style home. The Post had reported in September 2016 that the house was supposed to be a weekend retreat for Chelsea Clinton’s family.


You mean for that private server?

Sounds like Hillary lied about what the house was for back in September of 2016 as well; guess she didn’t want us knowing just how cocky she really was.

Which honestly just makes this story even better.


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