Since his ex-wife’s blog was released nearly a month ago, Joss Whedon has been hit and miss on Twitter. And for good reason, that blog put the so-called women’s rights champion in a horrible light.

So you think he’d know better than to use the word ‘prey’ in any tweet, even if he was going after Trump.

These fools never learn.


What did he think would come of a tweet like this?

At this point most of us are paying attention to Joss to see just how many feet he can stick in his mouth.

You can guess how the rest of this thread went:



Double ouch.

Oh yeah, remember that one Joss? Such a fighter for women’s rights.

Keep up the good work, Joss!


DAAAAAMN! Jim Treacher knocks the Twitter taste outta Joss Whedon’s mouth with slam of the YEAR