Who on EARTH thought this cover was in any way a good idea? Surely even Bill de Blasio himself could see there would be issues with a photo of him like this on the front cover of New York magazine.

It’s like he’s the Jolly Blue Commie … ho ho ho:

You know they are staring at this today and trying to remember if they’d been drinking the night they decided THIS was the picture to go with.

We can hear the conversation now:

Bill: I want people to take me seriously.
Photographer: Right …
Bill: So get down at my feet and take the photo looking up.
Photographer: Huh?
Bill: Trust me, it’ll be awesome.


We prefer the version where this shot was de Blasio’s idea, but this is funny too.

It is somewhat imposing, and creepy.


It really is one of the strangest covers we’ve ever seen not only of politicians, but just in general.

Awww, and that’s the real message here, isn’t it.

He’s looking DOWN on people.

How very New York City of him.


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