No one can work the Left up into a tizzy like the Sean Spicer parody account, @sean_spicier.

Whether he’s talking Houston, taxes, stilettos, Bernie Sanders … somehow, someway the Left keeps on missing the fact that this IS NOT SEAN SPICER and reacting like the overly emotional cat hoarders we know them to be.

His timeline speaks for itself:

Ya’ don’t say? Huh.

That’s because the Left is passing legislation to make hurricanes illegal, right?

And we thought the Hillary cult was BAD.

Maybe cut down on the caffeine and work more fiber into the diet as well …

The last guy, ha.

Guessing this person knows EXACTLY where the unemployment office is, just sayin’.


Poor guy.

You know what’s even MORE moronic? Falling for a parody account on Twitter and ranting at him or her like she actually cares what you have to say only to get mocked on a site like Twitchy.



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