Seems the Left thinks using future kids will somehow make their horse-crap narrative more meaningful. Earlier today we reported on how Ben Rhodes was using kids to blame the GOP for not passing legislation that would stop hurricanes (no seriously), and now there’s this from Seth Abramson:

Umm WAT?

If you think Trump or ANY president can actually end America, you MIGHT have been dropped on your head … or a Lefty.


Ya’ think?

GET OUTTA HERE! How dare you?!

You should see the ridiculousness on this thread (drama queens the lot of ’em):


We’re still not sure they know exactly what they’re resisting.

Then again, we’re not sure if they know much at all.

Yay! More revisionist history!


We can’t even.


Virtue signal HARDER! Ben Rhodes gets hit with Category 5 fact-storm for blaming GOP for weather

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