Every once in awhile you come across a person who you likely disagree with on many things, but you get a glimmer of who they are as a person, and it’s a good thing.

That’s the case with Al Letson, a man you likely recognize but don’t understand why … you see, he’s the man who stepped in when a gang of five AntiFa were beating up a lone Trump supporter. He put himself between fists, pipes and clubs to protect someone he likely disagreed with politically.

He gives us hope.

Sadly some on the Left have been hard on Letson for stepping in, and this is what he had to say about that.

Refreshing, eh?

Respect, sir.

He was a human being before he was a Leftist, or a Right-winger … we love that.


More truth.

Like the rest of us?


Thank you for this, Al. Truly.


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