Because hey, why let a crisis where people could get killed go to waste, right Montel?

Nothing helps a bunch of people who are scared for their families, friends, possessions, and LIVES like a smug guy on Twitter using them to make a dig at the president and his supporters.

A Texan asking Montel not to make this political – maybe he should listen.

Huh, this tweet went over like a ton of bricks.

A lot of people were asking him to ‘be better,’ which doesn’t seem all that combative really.

Just FYI, this editor did engage Montel over the original tweet:

And he proceeded to make fun of said editor’s name instead of actually engaging the content in question.

Wow. Burn.

And they wonder with responses and attitudes like this why Trump won.

And that’s what was most disappointing, we honestly do expect better from Montel.


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