It’s settled, Confederate statues have finally driven the ACLU over the edge. They went on a bizarre rant claiming the South won the Civil War.

No seriously.

Take a look for yourself.

The South didn’t win anything about the Civil War folks. And nope, they didn’t write our history …

We thought these ACLU types were supposed to be educated and informed?

THAT could be it.

They continued:

Umm …

Let ’em keep going, they’re on a roll.

But the South won!

Say what?

Aww, this is another one of those statue argument thingies.

Alrighty then.


You’d have thought if this was a real concern these arguments would have come up under Obama, but magically here we are, watching the ACLU virtue signaling on steroids about monuments that have been up for decades.

And rewriting history.

We made that SAME face.

Maybe the ACLU should sit this one out, take a break from social media for a bit.


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