The Sean Spicer parody (@sean_spicier) has been BUSY, between the Boston protest, the Secret Service supposedly running out of money to protect Trump and of course, Afghanistan.

Seems the longer Spicer is out of the press secretary role, the dumber the Left gets about the fact that this is a PARODY.

Let the good times roll:

Get this gal a mirror.


She definitely MAD.

See Keith Olbermann.


Stupid is as stupid tweets.

Gosh, this was uncalled for.

Hillary will forever be the woman who couldn’t beat the guy these people hate.

Oh Maury.

Dolt thought Spicier was Spicer way back in April …

Another blue check.

And another.

And another.

And another. Sheesh, Twitter will verify anybody.

But Tommy looks so thoughtful in his avi.

We don’t doubt it.


Ooh ooh, we know!

Bingo. Never stop.


Or spell, or see a missing blue check.


Editor’s note: Full transparency, even just gathering this many tweets from dumb people was exhausting.


AIRBALL! Sean Spicer parody POKES Lefties with Charlottesville, provokes avalanche of STUPID

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