Google has removed the Gab app from Google Play because they claim it violates their speech policy:

Is anyone surprised the company that fired a man for pointing out that men and women are different would consider a free speech site like Gab hate speech?

People who think silencing those they disagree with is a good thing certainly aren’t capable of understanding this simple point.

Considering how subjective ‘hate’ is, how do they determine what should be banned? Most Conservatives believe abortion is hateful, but we don’t see Google banning or suspending Planned Parenthood.

This is pretty simple, we’re not sure why Lefties can’t figure this out. If you don’t like Gab, don’t go there. Don’t download the app. Why take it from other people who do go there and who want the app?

Freedom isn’t always pretty, and whether you like it or not, haters still have the right to be hateful in this country.

And no amount of banning will change that.

And we thought 2016 was stupid.


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