You know, it’s not so much scary that AntiFa gave this guy a concussion (they’ve been violent against innocent bystanders for years now), what’s SCARY is how they justify their behavior … in writing even.

AntiFa strikes again!

Note, people are ‘very scared of white men.’

Are you f’ing kidding us?

So taking photos during a riot means this journalist was perpetuating RAPE CULTURE?!

Public education, you have failed us. Badly.

Even though so many agree, it’s still a little funny.

Sad, ain’t it?

If by doxx you mean ‘fail-doxx’, then yup.

Victim-shaming of the worst sort.

Of course they were wrong, and if white nationalists had given a journalist a concussion they’d blame the nationalists. They are either painfully ignorant or perpetually wrapped up in their own selfish agenda.

Probably both.


It’s a DOOZY –> White Nationalists and AntiFa will HATE this Iowahawk tweet (but you’ll laugh!)

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