Well THAT was quick!

End update update.


The Daily Stormer has moved to Google.

Because that TOTALLY makes sense.


End update

This editor has seen a LOT of garbage over the years, reading through Twitter and social media in general. And there have been PLENTY of articles, tweets, threads, memes etcetera that were borderline repugnant … but nothing has truly offended until this from The Daily Stormer:

Notice we grabbed a tweet with a screenshot because we don’t want to give the vile jackass a click.

Twitter was outraged, and with good reason:

This is vile, even for The Daily Stormer.

Way to go, GoDaddy.

If you’re concerned about Andrew’s First Amendment rights, don’t be. GoDaddy has every right as a private entity to determine who they will serve ironically proving the Right correct about not making people bake cakes  … but we digress.


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