Al Gore has released (another) movie, this one called ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’; full transparency, we’d forgotten about his first movie. Guess it wasn’t all that memorable? Ratings for the new movie are less than stellar, with IMDB giving it 5.2 out of 10 stars.

On that note, Twitter came up with #ReasonsNotToSeeAlGoresMovie, as if we needed more reasons other than it’s Al Gore’s movie to NOT see it …

Here are some of the best:

That’s enough for us not to see it.

Dude, we’ll seriously be here ALL day.


Why would people pay good money to listen to Al Gore talk about ANYTHING?

Freakin’ polar bears!

In fact the CO2 emissions we created writing this story killed a dozen polar bears and a couple of baby sea lions.

Florida is GONE.

Boots and stilts.



Dear God NO!


Ha! We see what you did there.

The end is DEFINITELY near! Dogs and cats, living together … MASS HYSTERIA.


WOKE AF! PETA claims eating cheese is sexist against female cows … no seriously, stop laughing

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