Like many on the Right, Jenna Jameson appears to support the president banning trans people from serving in the military, and was annoyed with the Left’s BS hashtaggery #TransRightsAreHumanRights.

Sorry Luke, this isn’t the hashtag you’re looking for.



People aren’t attacking trans people for being trans, they’re just questioning whether or not trans people belong in the military.


These dolts can’t even get Jenna’s name right:


Actually the way Twitter verifies every Lefty on the planet is the real disgrace, but we digress.


Everyone was so delicate then.

Ugh, Lefty men are so sexist and condescending.

And Canadian apparently.


We’re still not sure why Lefties think it’s a good idea to troll Jenna Jameson.

She doesn’t take any prisoners.


D’OH! Lady Gaga accidentally proves WHY it’s a BAD ROMANCE between trans and the military