Chelsea Clinton must have been paying zero attention when her parents were in office. As a CLINTON, she seriously seems to think she has any room to bash Trump for ‘failing to support LGBT’ equal rights …

Her mom said marriage was only between a man and a woman.

Her dad passed DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act).

Neither were exactly supportive of the LGBT community, but tell us more about Trump, Chelsea.

Oh wait, what did they call it when Obama suddenly decided he supported gay marriage? He EVOLVED. Hillary EVOLVED. That’s it.

*eye roll*

Not to mention the amount of money Chelsea’s family has taken from countries who arrest, punish and even execute gay people.

No matter how horrible Chelsea and the Democrats want to pretend Trump is, Hillary was worse. That is the sad reality of being a Clinton.

Makes ya’ wonder.

Wow Chelsea, this didn’t go well for you.

Ouch, right?


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