Oh boy.

Leave it to progressives to ruin a movie about emoji for kids …

Not only are they intentionally trying to indoctrinate kids with progressive values (hello oxymoron), but they are saying this movie is a way to fight the president.

And no one in their little group of Hollywood nutbags saw an issue here?

Seems The Emoji Movie is even pushing this nonsense in their social media:

We’re gonna bet the person who thought this was a good idea hasn’t shaved her (or HIS, heh) legs or armpits in about a decade.

Just guessing.

Wonder who this is supposed to be:

Whatever happened to letting kids be kids?

Clearly the Left thinks they need to control how kids think from the get go.

It’s honestly very creepy.

The kids of this editor also want to see the movie … and upon reading all of this, that won’t be happening.

Way to market-fail, The Emoji Movie.


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