Every couple of days, we check in on our favorite parody account, Sean Spicier, to see the latest train wreck on his timeline. Granted, we keep thinking someday soon the hilarity will dry up because the Left will figure out he’s not really the press secretary.

Then again, it is the Left we’re talking about.

Take for example, this gal who noticed Sean doesn’t have a blue check … but still thought he was the real deal:

That may well be our most famous capture from the parody, EVER. Kimberly here noticed there was no blue check, but instead of figuring out that meant he really isn’t Sean Spicer, she took it a different brain-dead direction.

Oh the stupid burns, thank goodness it makes us laugh on the way down.

And let’s face it, there is no bigger clown than Kerry.

Apparently Nicholas and others like him thought people were just croaking left and right before Obamacare was passed.

Yeah, you sicko you.

C’mon Sean, make ’em an offer they can’t refuse.

Right? Shew! #MoneyWellSpent?

This is like the opposite of lack of transparency, lady.

Bar? What bar? We were told there would be no math!

Don’t bother.



And there we have the ‘literally Hitler’ thing again.

Huh? She thinks this is REAL people … that’s the joke in our opinion.




Hey, crazier things have happened.


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