The media sure seems upset by how Trump conducts his press conferences; just this morning they were whining about how Trump called on a reporter he almost hired.


It wouldn’t seem nearly as pathetic if they hadn’t been behaving as Obama’s personal PR firm for the last eight years. Check out some of these questions T. Becket Adams pulled:

Because being the president is so enchanting?

Maybe the media thought Obama was a princess … that would explain a lot.

Imagine if someone from Fox News asked this question about the Democrats.

Oh, and the media didn’t act like a propaganda wing for just Obama:

Seems totally unbiased. Sure.



Gosh Obama, how are you so AMAZING?! Do your eyes glisten like that in the moonlight?

Right? Totally hard hitting with Obama in office. They made him cry many many many times in fact.

Sorry, we just threw up in our mouths a little.

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