Early this morning, a Twitter war of sorts broke out between Trump and the folks on Morning Joe. Suffice to say it turned out like any other Twitter trolling incident … embarrassing for all parties involved.

Which would be fine if it didn’t include the POTUS.

Ben Sasse sent this subtweet:

This could be about someone else in some high office tweeting stupid stuff …

BUT we’re pretty sure it was about Trump.

Reactions to Sasse’s subtweet were understandably mixed:

Sadly the Left used it as an excuse to troll the senator and attack the GOP instead of realizing he was speaking out regardless of his ‘tribe.’

Because this is SO helpful.


Says the account yipping.

We’re not a Democracy.

Etcetera, etcetera.

Senator Lindsey Graham also called for Trump to stop bothering with trolls on Twitter:

Hey Patrick, the Senate doesn’t impeach people.

And honestly it seems this happens every time. Someone on the right speaks up about having concerns around Trump and instead of receiving support across the aisle they get trolled, shamed and attacked.

Which just keeps on feeding Trump.

And losing them elections.


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