We can’t tell if Keith is shocked that a man was arrested for robbing a customer, for being an illegal immigrant from Ireland OR that this guy was not from Mexico. His sentiment certainly reads as if he believes ‘undocumented Americans’ only come from a certain country … with a certain skin tone.

Otherwise why would he be so shocked this thug was from Ireland?

Madness is right! This a-hole has been breaking the law by being here illegally for nearly two decades. #SendHimHome

That’s cute, right?

Sorta like when they call abortion ‘women’s rights.’ A good deal of being a progressive is buying into the idea that if a word becomes inconvenient to your agenda, you just change the meaning of the word.

Us too.


Because Keith is a progressive … it doesn’t make sense to us either.

Oh, and this tidbit:

Dude was arrested for possibly ROBBING someone; Keith acts like ICE is just roaming around in their vans nabbing illegal immigrants on the streets.


LOL: Guess why Resistance warrior Keith Olbermann thinks Handel’s win is ‘great’

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