Except it’s not true.

At all.

Yeah yeah, Lauren here DESPERATELY wants it to be some giant piece of evidence proving the wage gap exists, but no.

Even Vanity Fair says it’s BS:

It would be perfectly indicative of the gender pay gap that lingers in Hollywood. . . if it were at all true.

So while Gadot’s $300,000 is pretty small compared to the millions her movie has made, she hasn’t sold herself short; the actress hasn’t yet signed a deal for the now- inevitable Wonder Woman 2, and her agents are surely already working to net their 10 percent of her much-larger payday. (Director Patty Jenkins is also expected to negotiate for a higher payday, even though her contract doesn’t include an option for a sequel, as Gadot’s does.) Given Wonder Woman‘s popularity compared to tepid returns for Batman and Superman’s latest outings, it’s not hard to imagine Gadot following in Robert Downey Jr.’s footsteps as the de facto leader of the franchise. First woman to be paid $50 million for a superhero movie? We wouldn’t be surprised.

The viral stat even fooled Piers Morgan:

But no.

We’d be embarrassed for Duca and Morgan if we weren’t busy being annoyed by both of them.