If Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats had THEIR way, people would be stuck depending on government programs for their entire lives. They just don’t understand that if someone relies entirely on the government for their most basic of needs they are never really free.

Not to mention that putting more money in American’s pockets truly is compassionate:

Nancy has no idea what cruelty really is.

Clearly, if she thinks NOT increasing the budget for these entitlement programs is cruel – it’s not even a real cut!

Pander pander pander.


It’s all they know.

And it keeps them dependent on their elected officials, which keeps said elected officials in power.


And no, we don’t.

Forget that under Obama, more people than ever before were on food stamps because they changed eligibility and made it easier for people to get them.

For years, Republicans have been more than supportive of a hand up, it’s when they become expected hand-outs that there’s a problem.


UH-OH! Lefties are NOT liking WaPo editorial board’s single-payer reality check