The Jenna Jameson ass-kicking of David Frum continues …

As Twitchy readers know, Jenna Jameson owned David Frum and his ridiculous tweet about gun laws in Virginia yesterday after the shooting in Alexandria.

Apparently Frum in his smug, sad way, decided to engage Jenna, who we have started calling Mad Dog Jenna.

Not smart, son.

Frum doesn’t know who Jenna is? That tells us a lot about the sad, angry, seemingly ‘frustrated’ guy.


That’s not all he’s threatened by.

Seems David is … delicate.

Lucky for Frum, Ben ‘that big mean Republican broke my glasses’ Jacobs gave him the 411 on Jenna’s faith:


And then Frum doubled down on condescending …


Is he trashing her faith? Does he think this is funny?

Or was he slut-shaming Jenna?

Either way, so very typical.


Ouch! Jenna Jameson DESTROYS David Frum’s Alexandria shooting idiocy

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