Donald Trump has been blocking people from viewing his personal account, just like many other people on Twitter have been known to do. Shannon Watts and Wil Wheaton for example have blocked more people than possibly even exist on Twitter … but since Trump is the president apparently he shouldn’t be allowed to do that on his PRIVATE account.

If only he’d put his phone down. *sigh*

On that note, Chelsea Clinton seems super worried the people he blocked won’t be able to view his tweets:

With as much time as she spends on Twitter you’d think she’d realize how it works; any of these people he’s blocked can see his tweets if they log out OR create a different account.

This ain’t rocket science.

Of course this is the same gal who thought climate change could cause diabetes.

Or there’s this:

How helpful … but on that note:


Chelsea obviously has WAY too much free time on her hands …



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