Kids are supposed to be OFF LIMITS. We don’t care if their parents are Republicans or Democrats, hands off. If you can’t keep yourself from attacking a CHILD because you hate his or her parent THAT much, you might need therapy.

Take this ‘behavioral economist’ for example:

He’s 11, you hateful shrew.

A t-shirt made her throw up in her mouth a little … k.

Yeah, she’s just judging people who bought their kid a cool t-shirt.

And we’re just judging her back. #Caring

Not a damn thing.

Picking on a kid who didn’t ask for ANY of this.

Remind us again who the party of hate is?

This editor has an 11 year old and YES, she’s an expert on everything.

It’s a large part of why Trump won, and they still haven’t figured that out yet.

And it did!

Hang in there, Barron. We’re rooting for you, ignore these haters.


She’s still AT IT!

When people are decent human beings, nothing. Maybe try being a decent human being and leave the kid alone.


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