ThinkProgress wants us all to know they’re totally dedicated to being accountable.


Mainly because some of their reporting is cited in a new lawsuit against Donald Trump.

And seriously, if you’re a member of the Democratic Party … err … we mean the media, of course you’d be super psyched about being included in a bunch of tripe and foundless allegations.

Ooh, that was big news.

Wait, what was that again because honestly we don’t remember that. Was that before or AFTER you guys attacked Trump for a week for having two scoops of ice cream?



Oh man … that’s hilarious.

Same reaction here. DY-ING.

Accountability and ThinkProgress. Right.

Love these reactions WHICH coincidentally were hidden on Twitter unless you clicked “Show More” because apparently mocking and laughing at ThinkProgress are not things Twitter wants us to see.

We especially like the bull and poop at the end of this laughing fit.

So much laughing it actually ran OFF the tweet.

Good times.


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