Maybe Vox missed it (Hell, the LGBTQ community and the majority of the Left certainly seem to have), but Donald Trump is the first president to enter the White House supporting same-sex marriage.



The end.

When Obama entered the White House he supported traditional marriage, and we all know Hillary’s horrid history with being anti-gay marriage.

Go ahead Vox, keep pretending that since Trump is a Republican he can’t possibly be supportive of the LGBTQ community.

Via Vox:

Although Trump and his administration’s rhetoric and actions are on organizers’ minds, the point of the march is broader — addressing nondiscrimination laws, hate crimes (including murders of transgender people), disparities in the criminal justice system, and the unique challenges of LGBTQ immigrants.

Huh? So they’re going to break the movement out to champion gay illegal immigrants?

These people so desperately need jobs or hobbies.

But he might be mean to gay illegal immigrants and stuff so yeah, the struggle is REAL.

You mean another temper tantrum … yup.

Not to mention a president who supports them from the get go, unlike Obama who had to ‘evolve’ to get re-elected in 2012.

But tell us more about evil Trump.