Last month, Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) purchased a ticket to the women-only screening of Wonder Woman at Alamo Theater, and when he tweeted about it feminists lost their damn minds. It became a multi-day bitchfest over a guy buying a ticket to a movie.

Last night he attended said movie and it sounds like not only was the movie great, but there were no problems at Alamo.

Of course that doesn’t mean there won’t be problems on Twitter:

Here we go again …

Women need a safe space to see a movie about a strong woman?


She seems outraged, yeah?

A weak person. A woman who needs a movement to make her feel empowered … a third-wave feminist.

And he didn’t force himself in anywhere:


Ugh … life, right?

Safe space much, EL OH EL.

And umm …

It’s the law?