Earlier we wrote that we wouldn’t share the imagery of Kurt Eichenwald having a questionable tab open because … c’mon, that couldn’t have been real. Right?

But now Eichenwald has doubled DOWN on said imagery which means it was real.

We can’t make this crap up:


Is this real life?! EL OH EL.


Poor Kurt Eichenwald, he really does seem to be a delicate flower. Why is he ranting about Tucker bringing him up if he doesn’t watch the show or care what Tucker says?

Because clearly he DOES care; check out this multi-tweet rant:

But Kurt is fussy enough to give him PLENTY of attention on his timeline (attention we might add that Tucker seems to have completely ignored):

Huh? Is this another one of those animated gif things?

Is he really still going on about this?



Again, if Kurt doesn’t care about Tucker or watch his show how does he know all of this and WHY is he ranting about it?

Tuckie-Tuck? Is that tough guy talk? (Note, this editor just about shot coffee out of her nose)

A Salon article.


This rant was stupid.

Now, there are rumors floating around Twitter that imagery was shared that showed a questionable ‘tab’ open on Eichenwald’s computer screen when he was sharing hate mail he received that he all but blamed on Tucker. BUT since we can’t prove the imagery wasn’t manipulated we aren’t sharing it …

Then again: