Shannon Watts didn’t even wait for the bodies to cool in the Orlando shooting before she was using the victims to push gun control on Twitter.

Oh yeah, and clearly Trump’s tweet about not having a gun debate after the awful London Bridge terror attack really bothered the queen of gun control because she’s trying to drag him into her trolling.

Did she really just call gun owners terrorists?

‘Let’s start the debate so I can earn some money,’ is what she REALLY meant to say.

Oh yeah, and this inconvenient truth:


Because as we all know, guns jump up all of the time and fire themselves.


Americans should be able to go to work, a nightclub, or the movies without being safely armed to protect themselves.

There, fixed it for her.


There are already HUNDREDS of laws on the books around guns; when will these folks figure out that passing more laws is NEVER the answer?

Shannon should feel free to go live in any other those other countries, doubt she would be missed.