This may well be the most awesome thing ever captured on video … except maybe that footage of a guy punching a kangaroo in the face to protect his dog.

That was pretty cool.

Anyway, Maxine Waters LOST IT on a constituent who approached her about emails she’s been sending. Watch:

Even after her constituent tells her that she supports the president, Maxine goes off on some crazy tangent about how he’s a liar and that she’s going to work nonstop to get him impeached.

Her constituent responded that she would also work to make sure Maxine was impeached.

She literally then said, “You cannot impeach a woman of color.”

Are you kidding?!

We’re betting on the latter.

Could be.

Let’s hope so.

Don’t let HER hear you say that.


Editor’s note: Some folks have said they hear her say ‘woman of congress’ other than ‘woman of color.’ You decide.