Oh Hillary … when will you ever learn, woman?! Let’s hope never because the past couple of days have been HILARIOUS.

You can’t keep blaming everyone, anyone, everything and anything for your loss other than yourself.

If you do, Conservatives are just going to keep on mocking the snot out of you, like the #OtherReasonsForHillarysLoss tag:

Right? Rosie has made using all caps a REALLY BAD HABIT.

Someone should explain to her that caps make her look pretty batsh*t.

Then again, what would we write about?

Never mind.

Sounds itchy.

Psst … Wisconsin.

Dude, is this a thing? PLEASE tell us this is NOT a thing.


It’s always the cowbell … freakin’ cowbell.


But don’t you dare tell Alyssa she shouldn’t be socially aware and political!

You damn kids, get off mah lawn!

Gold star for Monty Python reference.



Mic drop.