Sorry anti-Trump crazies, the whole narrative around blaming Trump for the bastard who stabbed two men to death for defending a Muslim woman is just that, a narrative.

Not factual in the least.

The sad reality is that Jeremy Joseph Christian was a Bernie Sanders supporter:

From The Daily Caller:

According to screen captures of his Facebook page obtained by Buzzfeed, Christian was not a Trump supporter, as many media outlets claimed, but was a supporter of the idea of a Sanders/Stein ticket.

Look, we’re not blaming all Bernie Sanders supporters or even trying to imply something about them, but this should negate the idiots out there screaming about it being Trump’s fault.


Umm …

Boy, these folks sure get fussy when facts screw up their agenda.

They already have and they will continue to do so even though there is proof Christian is not a Trump guy. But hey, whatever suits the ‘Trump supporters are racists and dangerous’ storyline, right?