How many times have we heard the Left and feminists tell us we should trust women?

Apparently we should trust women, just not the white ones; this is the nonsense you get when a whole movement is built around who can claim the most victimhood.

And once again the Women’s March proves they don’t really care about all women, just certain ones.

This is a world where unfortunately far too often there is something to be afraid of in this situation.

That’s not racism, that’s the sad reality of Obama’s America.

Pretty sure they meant “world,” and we get that they’re trying to make some statement about horrible RACISM here but this is just nonsensical. And that hashtag … really?


Good news evil white guys, white women are evil too!

Hey, if you want this to stop being an issue work on these communities where minorities are killing one another in record numbers and giving others pause to their intentions.

This is not about white women being racist, this is about a bigger issue with violence and law enforcement being neutered by the Left.

They’ve been embarrassing from the get go.

Like this for example:

Huh? So white women should just sit back and possibly be killed and or assaulted?

Umm no.

They really believe this crap.

Thinking the issue is bigger than posters and tweets about safe spaces.

That moment when you can’t even?